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We are honored to announce that in 2020, as in 2019, 2018 and 2017, we have been nominated for the Better Business Bureau's Torch Awards in Ethics. Thank you to all of our customers for their role in these nominations!  We are so proud to be recognized for our commitment to ethical business practices.


High-End Used Saddles has sold over $1 Million worth of French and other top brand consignment saddles for our clients around the nation. That experience means we have the process down to a science, from the specially ordered shipping boxes appropriate for each saddle size, to the best shipping methods, to the most reliable insurance carriers. We know how to market, ship, and protect your consignment saddle. That's what we bring to the table when we sell your saddle. Let us save you time, energy, and headaches. There is no need to have to "reinvent the wheel" and struggle on your own with managing long-distance trials and payment issues when we can manage all the details to get you paid so that you can get back to your bigger priorities like your riding, work, and family time. 

Are you grappling with how to sell your saddle? We can find a buyer for your saddle and take the hassle out of the sale process for you.

"The whole process - from the customer service and the shipping and delivery of my saddle to the sale and payment - was seamless. I would definitely use High-End Used Saddles again and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable source to sell a brand-name saddle." - Lauren K.

Advantages of consigning with us include:

* We are owner-operated  Why does this matter for you? We believe you get better, more highly-motivated service when the owner is personally servicing your needs as opposed to a series of part-time hourly employees who may not be as personally invested in your satisfaction. No calling and being shuffled from one employee to the next; rather you have one point person for your entire transaction so that you have a contact who always knows the status of your consignment at all times.

* We handle the inconveniences for you such as providing custom sized shipping boxes for trials, collecting secure payment from buyers and handling refunds in the case of returns, answering fitting questions before trial to assess the likelihood of a match, working with trainer schedules for fitting assessments, and ensuring that the condition of a saddle is maintained before, during, and after a trial.

* We specialize in the hunter/jumper market, which means that all of our marketing efforts are directed at the hunter/jumper world, whereas other dealers may split their focus on any number of other disciplines

* We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau which means that our business practices have been independently verified for integrity. Visit our Better Business Bureau reviews to check our current BBB rating (A+ at time of writing) and read feedback from our clients: (https://www.bbb.org/tucson/business-reviews/saddlery-and-harness/high-end-used-saddles-in-tucson-az-20087755)

* We maintain a lengthy waiting list of clients actively seeking saddles and tack with particular specs, and when your saddle comes to us, in addition to being listed on our website, we proactively contact those of our clients who are on the waiting list for such a saddle with its photos and complete information.

* Buyers come to us because of the proprietor's reputation as the saddle matchmaker. I work with them to find the right match of brand and features for their needs in a used saddle. That's why I'm known as the saddle matchmaker as opposed to just another tack shop. I can match your saddle with a buyer.

* We use one of the fastest shipping methods in the business (3 business days transit time on average) which minimizes the trial period turnaround time on each trial so that I can get you to a final sale faster

* Your saddle is conditioned upon arrival and between each trial using premium products (such as CWD or Devoucoux conditioner) so that the leather is presented at its best in terms of suppleness and softness as it goes out on each trial.

* Only buyers who have paid in full the entire purchase price as a deposit up front get to handle your saddle, so its condition is preserved and monitored, as opposed to a local tack shop where any passer-by can sit in your saddle and scratch it up with little consequence.

* Buyers who come to us are ready to purchase a saddle specifically, whereas at a local tack shop, on any given day most customers may be there to buy everyday items such as hoof oil or feed; fewer of them on any given day are there to spend thousands of dollars on a saddle.

* Buyers save hundreds buying from us rather than buying at local tack shop because they do not have to pay sales tax when buying through our site, other than Arizona residents. (95% of our buyers are outside the state of Arizona.) On a large purchase such as a saddle, that savings can be substantial, and it generally results in a lower overall cost than buying locally for out-of-state buyers even after factoring shipping. That's one of the reasons buyers from all over the nation prefer to buy from our site.

* Your sale is handled by the owner personally. You always have one contact person for the process of handling your saddle sale, so you always know who to speak with. You are speaking with someone who is familiar with your saddle's status at all times, instead of perhaps dealing with a variety pack of part-time employees at a tack shop where no particular one of them is in charge of your saddle and you may be at risk for experiencing the dreaded "left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing" type of customer service.

* Our commission rate is lower than many local tack stores.

* Your saddle reaches our nationwide market of buyers, whereas if you consign at a local tack store, your item can only be seen by buyers in that immediate geographic area. Our buyers are in all 50 states as well as a portion of international buyers. To give you an idea of our reach, we have 19,000 + followers on Facebook. To give you a sense of how broad and deep our network of buyers is around the nation, our average annual statistic is that out-of-state buyers are responsible for 95% of our saddle sales. We have sold saddles as far away as South Africa (ask me about the shipping cost to get a saddle to South Africa if you want to hear a good story), and received consignment saddles from as far away as the U.K.. Our buyer markets are especially strong in hotspots of the hunter/jumper world such as the East Coast, Florida, and California, and we service buyers everywhere in between and abroad.

Need an estimate on your jumping saddle? Please visit our Estimate page for information on how to get an estimate. (Note: We strongly recommend that potential clients considering consignment start with an estimate if you are expecting a certain price, as it allows you to first have an idea of whether we can meet your price before you ship to us for consignment.)

Our consignment fee is 43% on "premium" brands of saddles (top brands such as Antares, Amerigo, Butet, CWD, Childeric, Devoucoux, Delgrange PJ, Tad Coffin, etc. except any priced at or selling for under $1,000 due to extreme age/condition, which would be considered “select” category consignment fee). The consignment fee is 50% on "select" brands of saddles (moderately priced brands such as Crosby, Pessoa, etc. or any Premium Brand saddles that due to extreme age/condition are priced at or sell for under $1,000). The consignment fee is 50% on accessories. This fee includes credit card processing costs. The owner is responsible for any shipping costs to get the saddle to us for consignment.

Curious what other consignors have to say? Visit our Better Business Bureau reviews (https://www.bbb.org/tucson/business-reviews/saddlery-and-harness/high-end-used-saddles-in-tucson-az-20087755), our feedback page (https://www.highendusedsaddles.com/pages/client-feedback), or a few of the comments we have received below: 

"Cori, I cannot thank you enough for your professionalism. You have been such a wonderful communicator through this process, making it well worth every penny of your commission! Thank you for the speedy sale of my daughter's saddle." - Karin M.

"Recently I purchased my dream horse, however my saddle did not fit him and I tried to sell it on my own. I found that I either received low offers or I was unprepared to accommodate trials. I finally heard about High-End Used Saddles through a referral. I was surprised to find that Cori offered a much lower commission rate than the industry standard and provides a cleaning/conditioning service when you list with her. She was prompt and courteous, explaining to me information about my saddle that I didn’t even know. Cori sent me updates on the status of my saddle and I ended up selling it through High-End Used Saddles for more than I expected.

Not only did I get a great price for my saddle, Cori is a wealth of information. She helped me find a saddle that fits my new horse and accommodates my needs, as well as giving me tips and advice for maintain my tack. I cannot recommend High-End Used Saddles enough! Thank you Cori!" - Jenna B.

"Thanks so much, Cori, for your work in selling my saddle! Very quick sale, handled professionally and with timely communication. If I ever had another saddle to sell I know where I am going, and will recommend you to others. Thanks again!" - Amy Z.

"Cori, Thanks so much for your efforts and selling our saddle so quickly. With you around, there's no need to try doing this by myself!" - Kim M.

If your item is accepted for consignment, the current terms of consignment are as follows.


Our consignment fee is 43% on "premium" brands of saddles (top brands such as Antares, Amerigo, Butet, CWD, Childeric, Devoucoux, Delgrange PJ, Tad Coffin, etc. except any priced at or selling for under $1,000 due to extreme age/condition, which would be considered “select” category consignment fee). The consignment fee is 50% on "select" brands of saddles (moderately priced brands such as Crosby, Pessoa, etc. or any Premium Brand saddles that due to extreme age/condition are priced at or sell for under $1,000). The consignment fee is 50% on accessories. This fee includes credit card processing costs. The owner is responsible for any shipping costs to get the saddle to us for consignment.

All items sold on our website include a trial period so that the item can be checked for a proper fit for rider/horse. While customers are held responsible for any damage caused during trial, please note that normal signs of use are to be expected, though in our experience most customers are very careful with our merchandise. Items are shipped insured for trial. We are not responsible for claims not covered by insurance.

An item may be removed from inventory at any time, but will incur a $150 contract cancellation fee. This fee partially covers our cost of labor, advertising, marketing, monitoring trials, conditioning leather before and after every trial, polishing metal fittings before and after every trial, custom shipping boxes, etc. The owner is responsible for the cost of return shipping and insurance for removing their item from inventory. Should you have any questions, feel free to call.

Items should arrive to us clean and in the condition described to us prior to accepting the consignment. If we find a problem with the saddle that is repairable upon its shipment to us, we will notify you to discuss the possibility of repair. However, saddles that arrive to us in condition unfit for resale may be returned at your expense.

While we give you a price point estimate on the price we expect to market the saddle at based on photos, if after seeing the saddle in person we feel that your best interest would be served to adjust the price slightly up or down, we will contact you to discuss that option.

Shipping Your Item to Us:

To ship your item to us, please require a signature upon delivery so that the box is not left unattended at the door. Insure your saddle to protect yourself in case the saddle should suffer any shipping damage. We are not responsible if you fail to insure the saddle and it arrives damaged to us. We recommend shipping in a 14 x 14 x 24 box (or something similar), with the saddle packaged pommel down, with either bubble wrap or packing paper for packing. (Please do not use peanuts, as they tend to get stuck in crevices of saddles and can break off in the crevices.)

Send us an email to let us know once you have shipped, and via which carrier, so that we can be watching for your saddle to arrive.

The Consignment Process

Once your item has arrived, we will send you a confirmation email within 48 hours of delivery to confirm that we have received your item. (In the case of a package delivery after our business hours, it may take up to one additional business day.)

Once the item has arrived to us, please allow up to 14 days for your item to be photographed and posted online (depending on how many consignments are already in line for listing when your item is delivered).

We will mail you a check within 7 days of a confirmed sale of your item. Items are sent out on trial, so we have to wait to confirm a final sale with the client before being able to cut a check. We will contact you once an item has been confirmed as a final sale so that you will know to expect our check.

Thank you for your business. We appreciate your trust and confidence, and look forward to serving you.

To apply for consignment, send us a photo of your saddle and tell us the brand.

Apply to consign saddle    Please note that our consignment program is paused at the moment