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Client Feedback

Feedback Received from Clients


"Thank you so much for your help I am pleased my saddle sold so fast. I have left a 5-star review on Facebook and I will be sure to recommend you to any buyers or sellers. Thank you so much for everything!"

- Annabelle K., TN 1/16/20


"Thank you so much for getting my saddle sold for me! And thank you again for the terrific communication and professionalism; as always, it has been a pleasure working with you."

-Jennifer B.  California 6/23/2019


"Dear Cori, Thank you so much for handling the sale of my saddle. You have been so thorough and up front in your communication with me throughout this process, it has been well worth the commission. I will definitely recommend your business to buyers and sellers in the future! All best,"

-Margaret S.  Texas 2/27/2019


"Cori, thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure doing business with you. I’m very glad I decided to utilize your service. I will happily recommend you to anyone wishing to sell or buy a saddle."

-Anne C.  Pennsylvania 2/6/2019


"Thanks so much!! Shopping with you has been a great experience! I had such a terrible one recently and was very unsure about doing another online transaction. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that the saddle was exactly as you stated and looked even better in person than in the pictures! It really was exactly what I have been looking for. And now the wonderful customer service!! I don’t have social media but will be sure to pass this along to anyone I know in need for sure!! Thanks again!! "

- Kelli H.    Florida 1/19/2019


"Thank you for the updates and for assisting with this sale! I appreciated all of the regular updates and this was all a very smooth process. Very sad to see this saddle go. I never expected to sell it. Hope it found a nice home where it will be well loved. Best,"

- Michelle G.    Maryland 11/25/2018


"Hi - I am going to keep the stackhouse. Thank you so much. You were a pleasure to work with! I appreciate the saddle cover and the hoofpick too!"

- R. Larson    Tennessee 8/1/18


"Hi Cori,
You have made another match! I’m happy to say that the saddle works for both me and Remy and I will keep it. Had a super lesson in it yesterday, too. Thank so much for running a great business and all of your personal service - so very missing in most interactions we have today. Thanks, also, for the neat hoof pick! I am in need of a new one, what a great (and universally useful) enclosure gift!
Wishing you all the best,"

- C. Fine    Massachusetts 7/24/18


"I am thrilled that you found my saddle a new home and I hope the new owner loves it as much as I did. I appreciate your prompt, courteous and professional follow-up throughout the entire transaction. I will definitely refer you to anyone looking for a high end used saddle!"

- R. Korthals   Florida  1/29/18


"Thank you so much, Cori! Your professionalism in the sale of my saddle was greatly appreciated!  I will be happy to share my very positive experience with you!"

- M. Pulliam Arkansas   11/2/17


"Hi Cori,
   I love the saddle -- it's the only one I've tried out of quite a variety of saddles that doesn't leave any significant dry spots on my horse's back in the panel area after a ride. He is willing to move forward in this saddle, which is always a good sign. The biomex seat is very nice as well.
   I would love to keep this saddle. Thank you for the nice saddle cover and hoof pick! I will soon be purchasing some Voltaire saddle soap and conditioner to keep this saddle in glowing condition :) Thanks again.
Kind regards,"

- A. Bernales  Illinois 7/21/17


"Dear Cori,
It's day 5 of the Adam Ellis saddle trial and I am thrilled to report that the saddle fits my horse (and me) almost as if it had been customized for us! He hasn't shown any sore spots and I can already feel my position improving. I will be spreading the word about High-End Used Saddles to all my equestrian contacts because you and your company are truly head and shoulders above the competition! Thanks to the info you sent prior to the saddle purchase, the excellent customer service you gave me, and the extremely accommodating trial you include with each purchase, I felt 100% confident about buying the saddle. It is amazing to me that you can offer better service and superior business practices over the internet (and across state lines) than any of the saddle fitters with whom I met in person. Thank you for making my saddle-search nightmare have such a happy ending! Thank you."

- M. Kirkpatrick  Texas 3/28/17


"You’ve done a great job – not just in selling the saddle but also in keeping me informed, giving me gentle advice, and taking care of all the details.  Let me know if you ever need additional recommendations.  I’d be happy to provide one!"

- R. Siegfried  Pennslyvania 12/31/16


"Thank you do much for finding [both saddles] new homes! I might have to use you next time I'm buying. This was super easy! "

- E. Burns Wyoming 8/31/16


"Thanks for providing such great deals and terrific service! I'll definitely recommend you to our friends! ​It is also nice of you to check up on us! That's never happened before! Great customer service! This barn mom is happy!"

- T. Kioh Missouri 7/12/16


"Thank you for sending a check so quickly. I appreciate your professionalism and communication throughout the consignment and selling process. It was a pleasure consigning my saddle with you. I will be sure to recommend and utilize your services in the future."

- J. Batchelor California 6/16/16


"The saddle fitter was here and it is a perfect fit for both me and my horse. Very happy riding in it, and both my coaches are very happy with the way I ride and jump in it. It is a beautiful saddle. I will be keeping it. Thank you. "

- A. Moots, Missouri 6/2/16


"Thanks so much for all your help. You did a great job and I will be sure to send you any future saddles. "

- C. Dormer, Canada 5/8/16


"The process has been seamless and I'm very happy. I look forward to purchasing my next saddle through you."

- K. Hall Michigan 2/2/16


"Hi Cori!

I wanted to thank you for a very easy sale of the saddle I consigned with you. It was a very seamless transaction, and your communication with me was fantastic. I never wondered what was happening in the sale process. Communication was prompt and clear, and my questions were always answered quickly! I would not hesitate to use you for any future transactions I may have! I have recommended you to all of my friends!

Thank you again."

- T. Campbell Pennsylvania 1/20/16


"Hey there!

Honestly, I'm not even sure what to say! I am in LOVE with MY Devoucoux Biarritz. When I opened the box I was astounded by the quality of the saddle. The pictures didn't even do it justice, and I was already impressed with them! It's essentially brand new! Thank you so much for everything, but most of all this amazing saddle! I cannot say enough just how happy I am with everything in dealing with y'all!"

- A. Harvey Virginia 1/19/16



If you want this saddle back, you're going to have to fly to NC and fight me for it. It's quite possibly the most fabulous thing I've ever set arse to- comparable to my couch, and let me tell you, I love my couch. This saddle offers a better view, though, so the deal is sealed.

I can't thank you enough for the patience and wealth of knowledge you shared with Holly and I to finally get us fitted with what we were looking for. Thanks again!"

- B. Merrit North Carolina 11/14/15


"I am attaching a picture of my horse and I using the new saddle we got from you. We are loving the saddle, thanks again so much.

Give My Regardz, "Roo," is a 9 year old Hannoverian mare. She is very particular about things, especially saddle fit, and she loves our new (to us) Devoucoux that Cori helped us find. Roo is very athletic and I greatly appreciate the added security this saddle gives me during her airs above the ground and the saddle has helped my position and effectiveness. Cori went the extra mile to help us make sure this was the right saddle, and her guidance and expertise helped me feel great about this purchase. I highly recommend her!"

- J. Bayer Missouri 11/13/15



I have the County on trial and decided to keep it. Thank you for all your help, I am in love with this saddle and it was such a great bargain. Thanks!"

- J. Valladares Pennsylvania 10/17/15


"Cori, thank you for everything you do. I have had the best experience buying and selling saddles because of you!!

Yes my address is correct. I'll be sure to let you know when the check arrives.

Thanks again!! I'm really grateful!!"

-J. Meyer Virginia 10/12/15


"Thank you for finding the perfect saddle for me. It was worth the wait. You are a true professional and I will be sending you referrals."

- Linda K. California 8/24/15



I'll always to come to you first to buy or sell a saddle, you are awesome to work with and VERY professional!!!"

- Kim F. Iowa 5/26/15


"Hello Cori,

I cannot thank you enough for all your help through this process! I was able to ride in the saddle four times and absolutely love it! I was pretty sure that I was going to keep the saddle, so I chose to ride in it at my first show of the summer season...it must be good luck because I came home with 2 firsts, 2 seconds, and a champion ribbon! Needless to say, I'm going to keep it!

Your thoughtfulness and understanding throughout the whole process was greatly appreciated. Purchasing a saddle through you was stress free, and I will be sure to encourage all my friends looking for used saddles to look through your inventory first!

Thanks again for everything!"

- Melanie D.R. New Jersey 5/24/15


"Good Morning, Cori,

I simply LOVE my new saddle! As a first time horse owner, I was reliant upon others more "knowledgeable" than I when selecting my first saddle. I trailered my horse to a saddle fitter at a consignment shop and she helped to pick out a saddle. I feel like she took advantage of my lack of knowledge and sold me a saddle worth no more than $200 for almost $375. I used it (not knowing what what it "should" feel like or how my horse "should" move in it) for 8 months. I started to look for a new saddle when my 6' tall son started to ride as therapy. I wanted a higher quality saddle, but with 3 teenage boys who are already eating me out of house and home, I couldn't justify paying for a new saddle. I questioned everyone I respected at my barn, researched saddles in my price range, determined what my son and I could both fit into, and searched for a while on the internet for that perfect saddle.

Here in Eastern NC there are very limited places to purchase or try out used saddles. So, when I came across your website and found the perfect saddle, I was thrilled. I have always been terrified to canter my horse in the arena, because she would bolt and just terrify me. Even when I asked her to trot, she was extremely forward and never collected. The very first time I rode her in this new saddle, I was able to trot her at a controlled speed...she was a different horse! I cantered her the second day and she was a dream! I am able to communicate better with my legs because I am using the correct part of my leg to hold on...before I couldn't figure out how to NOT hold on with my thighs and knees. I thought I just needed more time in the saddle. I could list a hundred things that have changed with just a saddle that fits us both. There's so much I didn't know I didn't know.

I just wanted to thank you for providing a valuable resource to beginners like me to trial quality saddles. The information, assistance, and personal service you provided gave me great comfort in knowing that you were honest and trustworthy. I will definitely recommend your store to anyone I know looking for a saddle.

Thanks again,"

- Colleen M. North Carolina 4/28/15



Thank you for EVERYTHING. I will send anyone I know selling a saddle to you, and I I'm sure will use your services again.

Thank you again."

- Cristy M. Texas 4/28/15


"Hi Cori,
Just a brief note to say thank you for the kindly written letter and check.
It has been a most enjoyable experience meeting and doing business with you. I look forward to more both on the buying and selling front.
You are a poster woman for respect , courtesy and kindness to mention a few of some of your incredible attributes.
Thank you kindly."

- Tana R. Arizona 4/18/15


"We had our first barn show with our new saddle today!! Thank you so much for a wonderful transaction! Zoey and Triscuit love it!"

-Lesley P. Tennessee 4/18/15


I wanted to thank you for selling my saddle (AN78C). You made it so
effortless and it was actually fun, especially following it on trials and
waiting for a response. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!"

- Denise M. New York 4/14/15 


"We purchased a saddle from you a few years back - my daughter is still loving it - it has been a wonderful purchase and I still refer people to your Facebook page and website ALL the time!"

- Judy M. 4/7/15


"Thank you so much for your efforts and attention to this sale. You were a pleasure to work with and I look forward to doing business with you in the future should I need help again. Thanks again!"

- L. Nield Virginia 3/26/15


"Hi Cori,

Just wanted to let you know that we received the check. Thanks so much, we are very pleased with how you handled every aspect of this sale!!"

- C. Holbrook Arizona 2/9/15


"You are AWESOME Cori!!! I have a friend with an Antares and I am sending her your info. This has been an excellent experience and I would recommend your service to anyone wanting to sell a nice saddle!"

- V. Carman Oregon 1/28/15


"Dear Cori,

Thank you very much for re-homing my saddle! You are superb in every way!"

- D. Allen Oregon 1/13/15


"Thank you so much for all your hard work and for making the process so seamless. I have also really enjoyed the consultations, which are an incredibly valuable and helpful service. Thank you again!"

- C. Humphreys Massachusetts 12/20/14


"Thank you so much for selling our saddle. I will definitely refer people your way. Your communication is wonderful in keeping people informed of what is going on."

- L. Hunkiar Florida 10/21/14


"Good morning Cori,

I just wanted to let you know that we have decided to keep the Antares saddle for Norah and her horse. Can you hear our sigh of relief down in Tucson?

The saddle is in beautiful condition, it's quite a nice fit on her horse (it fits much better than her current saddle, which is too low on his withers) and it's working well for Norah's build/height.

Plus Norah is really enjoying the leather's wonderful "grip"! She says riding without leathers/irons has been a breeze — we should make her ride like that all of the time. Her coach would love that!

Thank you again for all of your assistance and your patience with us Canucks. It's been a real pleasure to work with you, and we'll keep an eye on your site for more great deals! :)

Take care, Myrna

P.S. I forgot to say that Norah's Antares has the place of honour right now — her bedroom!"

- Myrna M. Canada 10/16/14


"Hi Cori,

Good news! It fits!!! Yay!

Thank you so much for selling my Prestige and having this County! Very happy with both transactions.

I wrote about my first rides this weekend on my blog and added a link to your site. I get a good amount of traffic, hopefully it might lead to some future sale(s) or consignment(s)!

I have no doubt I'll need sell this saddle and find another saddle in the future and you will be the first person I'll contact.

Thanks again for a great process on both selling and buying!


- Kristine O. Colorado 9/22/14


"I had my saddle for sale for over 2 months at a local tack shop without a single inquiry. I sent it to Cori at High End Used Saddles and within a week it was sold. The whole process -- from the customer service and the shipping and delivery of my saddle to the sale and payment -- was seamless. I would definitely use High End Used Saddles again and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable source to sell a brand-name saddle."

- Lauren K. California 9/13/2014



Wow, you are amazing! I have appreciated the process and how you handle your clients. My saddle would have otherwise sat in a shop 6-12 months.

I will definitely refer to you in the future and will call when I am ready to sell another saddle!


- Ixchel M. California 9/9/2014



You are amazing! Thank you so much for your services. It is extremely easy to do business with you, your professionalism and frequent communication are greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!"

- Christine A. Florida 9/9/14



It has been a truly lovely experience working with you through this process. I wouldn’t hesitate to call on you again. I would recommend you highly to anyone I know, and will be doing so. Thank you again"

- Erica S. (Canada) 7/25/2014


"Cori was extremely professional, reliable and accommodating in selling my three saddles. She located buyers as soon as possible for fair prices. I have been very happy with my experience and recommend using this company."

- Bizi F. Kansas 7/19/2014


"Dear Cori,

The County saddle I ordered for trial arrived yesterday - beautifully packed and in good condition. I immediately went to the barn and tried the saddle on my gelding. Can you say fit like a glove? I went back this morning and rode again. If anything, I liked the way the saddle worked for the horse even more than I did yesterday.

This saddle is proof that age of equipment doesn't matter nearly as much as the fit and how well one's horse goes in the saddle. Please let the seller know the saddle is sold and has a happy home.

I also want to thank you for the ease and professionalism I experienced working with you. Your communication is clear and the processes are simple. I am referring your company to friends with nicer saddles to sell and am even passing along the saddle box and packing materials the County saddle shipped in to make it easier for them. You sold my saddle quickly at a good price and matched me with a better saddle for my beloved horse. You have made me a very happy rider.


- Audris G. Illinois 6/5/2014



I am so very appreciative of your knowledge and professionalism. From pricing saddles, to teaching me about half pads, to figuring out the correct mailing addresses, you are always so pleasant and helpful. It is a delight to do business with you.

I enjoy your facebook page, and love seeing pictures of you and Enzo, and your clients.

I do hope you come to Colorado this summer for the June or July shows. It would be great to meet you and I would welcome the chance to thank you in person for all that you have done for me."

- Elizabeth H. Colorado 4/8/2014


"As a budget conscious rider, I shied away from consigning my saddle due to the high commission prices. The last time I tried to sell a saddle at a local tack shop, it sat on a stand on top of other saddles and was returned to me after six months with a large gouge on the knee roll from where someone decided to sit on it with spurs on. It was finally sold through another tack shop for less than half what I was looking to get for it…needless the say, the experience left me dreading having to ever sell another saddle.

Recently I purchased my dream horse, however my saddle did not fit him and I tried to sell it on my own. I found that I either received low offers or I was unprepared to accommodate trials. I finally heard about High-End Used Saddles through a referral. I was surprised to find that Cori offered a much lower commission rate than the industry standard and provides a cleaning/conditioning service when you list with her. She was prompt and courteous, explaining to me information about my saddle that I didn’t even know. My saddle was out on trial within 24 hours of her listing it! Cori sent me updates on the status of my saddle and I ended up selling it through High-End Used Saddles for more than I expected.

Not only did I get a great price for my saddle, Cori is a wealth of information. She helped me find a saddle that fits my new horse and accommodates my needs, as well as giving me tips and advice for maintain my tack. I cannot recommend High-End Used Saddles enough!

Thank you Cori!"

- Jenna B. Arizona 4/6/2014


"Hi Cori,

I am so glad you found a buyer for the saddle! I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a saddle or trying to sell one, I couldn't be more pleased with the entire process. Thanks for the great work you do!"

- Heather E. Texas 3/19/14


"Thank you so very much for the update on the sale of the Luc Childeric, and for sending payment so quickly.
I have to say, this is one of the most successful and pleasurable experiences I have had selling something, and
I will be sure to leave feedback wherever I can about how super this has been.

Again, my deepest gratitude, and all my best to you. I hope to do business with you again one day soon."

- Julia C. New Mexico 3/5/2014



I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so wonderful to deal with. It is very rare these days to find such superior customer service. You are an absolute pleasure to work with in addition to being very knowledgeable.

There are very few businesses that I would recommend without hesitation, but High End Used Saddles is one of them and certainly a company that I would encourage others to use if they are in the market for both great tack and fabulous service. Please feel free to share this information with any of your prospective customers in the future, and to give them my contact information if they wish to verify it.

Thanks again for being so great to work with. I will certainly keep an eye on your inventory and will get in touch with you about other saddles/tack in the future.

Kindest regards,"

- Susan C. Georgia 2/26/14


"Cori provides first-class service and is willing to share her incredible knowledge of saddle makes, models and fit with even potential clients.

She is generous with advice and clearly cares about giving her clients and their horses the best fit and a saddle they will use for years to come. She is prompt in response, organized and clearly knows how to treat customers.

I recommend her service to anybody looking for a high-quality saddle."

- L. Lipton California 2/24/2014



Thank you so much! I am ecstatic that it sold so quickly!"

- Virginia K. Louisiana 2/6/2014


"Cori -

I really appreciate all your help, I've emailed a ton of saddle fitters & consigners and by far you have been the most helpful & easiest to work with."

- Heather E. Texas 1/29/14



Thank you so much, I am very pleased that you found a buyer so quickly!

You did an outstanding job and I will definitely recommend your website to people in the future.

Once again, thank you for your great service!"

- Lauren H. Utah 1/29/14


"Hi Cori,

Thank you so much for the trial period for the Hermes saddle. My daughter was able to ride in it yesterday. She loved it and we will be keeping the saddle. :-)

You made this process very easy and I will definitely be shopping with you again when she outgrows this saddle. Thanks again."

- Susan R. California 1/29/14


"Good Evening Cori,

After riding a few different horses at the barn today I am completely sold on this saddle! It's everything you said it was and more. I will not be needing extra days for the trial... consider the sale final :)

Thank you so much for your amazing customer service."

- Brittany T. Texas 1/27/14


"Hi Cori -

If everyone I dealt with paid attention to information provided and pictures as you did I probably could have saved $500 in shipping costs! Wish I had found you sooner. Thanks, again!"

- Barb & "Gracie" Iowa 12/26/2013 [Note from Cori: This client had tried 11 previous saddles elsewhere before coming to me, and I was able to find her a saddle with a fit that worked for her and her horse on the first try.]


"Hi Cori!

Just wanted to let you know that I will be keeping the Butet. I absolutely love it! It truly is a saddle I have waited a very long time to be able to have. It's so comfortable and since I am so hard to fit, I truly don't think I would be able to find something so quality that also fits me so well at the price I was able to buy it at.

Thank you so much for all of your help during this process. I can't wait to bring it with me to Wellington tomorrow! It will be put right into the swing of things when I get to the farm!

Thanks again!"

- Chris S. New York 12/23/2013


"Hi Cori -

Looks like we finally have a winner! The saddle is extremely comfortable to ride in and I can tell that having a better fitted saddle is doing my horse good. His disposition has already started to change - the poor guy, I think, has been suffering from the discomfort of my old saddle. He isn't at all cinchy with this saddle and he is moving much more freely bending from side to side.

Thanks for all of your help."

- Jenifer P. California 12/23/2013


"Hello Cori!

I just wanted to again thank you for your help in the purchase of my Voltaire a.k.a. amazing saddle :) This is my second saddle purchase from you and I will never go anywhere else for my saddle needs. I can not think of any other saddle company, website, dealer or personal seller that can match the professionalism and integrity your business has.

As a panicked event rider you were able to get me back in the saddle within a matter of 3 weeks from start to finish and even understood the heartache a rider goes through when the saddle they've grown attached too has to retire too soon. I love my new saddle and am understanding what it means and feels to have a quality saddle! It already has given me more confidence in myself over bigger fences and fits my young horses beautifully. I am looking forward to a new show year with my new "partner" and many many events to come. Thank you Cori you really are THE saddle matchmaker!!


- Anne D. Utah 12/17/2013


"Hello! The saddle is a perfect fit for both my daughter and her horse. We are extremely happy! Thank you for all your help. Look forward to doing business in the future and will pass the word on about the great experience we've had doing business with you."

- Sarah J. Arizona 12/3/2013


"Dear Cori,

Thank you so much for helping us not once but twice with our saddle needs. First, I had a beautiful saddle that did not fit my horse well. You were able to quickly sell that saddle for a fair price. I received my check within days of the sale and was happy to be recycling that saddle.

A few months later you found us the perfect saddle for my daughter’s pony, it fits both of them perfectly and she really feels comfortable in her wonderful saddle. It fit our budget, as buying a brand new saddle for a growing young rider is just not practical. I would highly recommend your company, High-End Used Saddles to anyone looking to buy or sell a saddle.

Thanks again for your good advice and help,"

- Alison B. Arizona 10/7/2013


"Hi Cori -

This is to let you know that the saddle is perfect for me and for my horse, so I will be keeping it. Thank you for providing such quality products and service."

- Mary B. Michigan 9/29/13


"Thank you thank you Cori! It's so nice to have someone to help relocate saddles! For both the sellers and buyers! I appreciate it."

- Taharra M. Arizona 9/26/2013


"Looks like the Chiberta is going to work out for me! Thanks for giving me the extra day to try it out and the rapid service. I will definitely look you up again next time I'm in the market!


- Sarah T. Ohio 9/24/2013


"Hi Cori,

Just wanted to let you know that the saddle is a great fit and I will be keeping it. Your description of the saddle was perfect and there were no surprises regarding quality. Thank you for your prompt responses to my questions. It was a pleasure doing business with you."

- Lisa M. Tennessee 9/15/2013


"Hi Cori - I am happy, no thrilled to report that the saddle fits Lukas like it was made for him...and actually fits Katie's leg as well! We are over-the-moon to have found it - and cannot thank you enough for all your help!

It is a keeper!!!

Thank again - really appreciate all your assistance!"

- Judy M. California 8/28/2013



I am so impressed with how you do business. You have been prompt, professional and gracious. It makes me wish that I could figure out a way to buy an extra saddle, just to give you some business!

I will recommend you as often as I can and certainly direct any future tack needs your way.

You are running the kind of business that I want to patronize."

- Elizabeth H. Colorado 8/14/2013



I got to try the saddle today and I am head over heels in love! Not only is the quality impeccable for the age but it is a great fit and a super comfy ride! I can’t thank you enough for all your help through this!"

- Michele L. New York 8/4/2013


"Hey Cori! The saddle fits my mare great, I’m in love with how comfortable it feels, and I’m keeping it! Thank you so much!"

- Tammy S. Missouri 7/16/2013


"Cori, Thanks so much for your efforts and selling our saddle so quickly. With you around, there's no need to try doing this myself!"

- Kim M. Florida 7/12/2013


"Cori, Thank you so much, I can't imagine having a saddle sold in any other way; you are the best!!"

- Karin M. Rhode Island 7/9/2013


"Hi Cori! I finally got to jump today (between t-storms!) and I love the Butet! Not fighting tack makes jumping so much easier. Thanks for your patience and help. So, yes, I am keeping it and you can't have it back! By the way, my friend saw it today and she wants one, so please let me know if you get anymore-I am afraid she might steal mine! Thanks again for a very pleasant shopping experience!"

- Sally F. South Carolina 6/27/2013


"Cori, I just wanted to sent you a huge thank you! The saddle you sold me fits my horse beautifully. It was exactly as you described. I really appreciate your professional courtesy. I had been looking for a saddle to fit my hard-to-fit horse, and your knowledge and expertise helped me hugely. I just need to let you know that. And if I or anyone else is looking for a used high-end saddle, I will definitely recommend your site. Thank you ever so much again. I am a very satisfied customer."

-Joan C. California 6/17/2013


"As soon as I slid into the saddle I knew I would keep it! Fits me and him fabulous. I've never felt so solid over jumps. I have to thank you for making this whole process amazingly easy. Thanks so much."

- Patricia K. Hawaii 6/7/2013


"Hi Cori,

Just wanted to let you know that I love the bridle. It is as nice as you described-possibly nicer!

Thank you!"

- Kym L. Delaware 6/5/2013


"Thank you for your kind and highly professional service, Cori."

- Mandy H. Utah 6/3/13


"The saddle fits perfectly for both rider and horse. My daughter used it this weekend at a two day show and we did not see any of the soreness issues with her horse that we had seen with her previous saddle."

- Chris D. Kentucky 5/27/2013


"Thank you so much for making this process run smoothly. I could not have done this without you! You have been such a huge help to me. I hope to do business with you again. Thank you again."

- P. Black Arizona 5/21/2013


"Well that was simple and painless. Thank you very much for your assistance."

-M. Drury California 5/20/2013


"Thank you, Cori. It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I'm very pleased with the sale price!"

- Jarrett B. California 3/3/2013


"I look forward to many years riding in the saddle. Thank you for your excellent customer service and I will gladly recommend your company to anyone I know who is in the search for a saddle."

- Sarah V. North Carolina 3/2/2013


"Thank you for your assistance. I had the saddle sitting around the house for months and you sold it in days."

- Kelly P. Ohio 3/1/2013



Thank you so much for your very professional service! We really appreciate having this available and certainly will continue using your site as we search for saddles!"

- Barbara D. Massachusetts 2/18/2013


"Hi Cori,

Thank you very much for handling the sale of our saddle.

I am favorably impressed with your professionalism, promptness, and thoroughness."

- Donielle A. Virginia 2/7/2013


I got to ride in *my* new saddle tonight for the second time. I will definitely be keeping it! Thank you so much for your honest evaluation of the saddle and walking through my saddle purchase! It was EXACTLY what I was expecting... actually, even better! The saddle fits me like a glove and fits exactly the type of horses you described.

Thank you for all your help! I will definitely be back, and send my friends to you!"

- Emily C. Washington 2/5/2013


"Cori, Thank you do much for all of your assistance through this process. You have been very helpful and efficient. I will definitely recommend you to my riding friends."

- Andrea K. Washington 1/2/2013


"Thanks so much Cori, it's been really great dealing with you. I've recommended you to all my friends!"

- Barb M. Florida 12/7/2012



It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I will certainly look to you for any future saddle needs, and will recommend you to others."

- Penny G. New York 11/28/2012


"Thank you Cori! I'm thrilled my saddle found a new home!! I have really enjoyed doing business with you. Your website and service will continue to be my number one place for buying and selling quality saddles."

- Jillian M. Virginia 11/22/2012



You’re amazing! This is my fourth (fifth?) saddle I’ve sold through you, and I can’t thank you enough for your speedy service, your accurate representation – both in pictures and description. It cuts down on the time spent shipping saddles to and from a location when you are able to determine if the saddle is a potential good fit, which you do so well. Thanks again for always helping me with my saddle fixation, and I will always return to you if I need another one sold! Thanks."

- Kim O. North Carolina 11/22/2012


"Hi Cori,
I was able to jump a little today & everything was great. I will be keeping the saddle. Thank you for being so accommodating for the test ride. I'll definitely point friends looking for saddles to your site. Thanks again. Happy riding:)"

- Margaret C. Arizona 11/21/2012


"I bought a CWD from you in 2010 and LOVED it - very happy returning customer here!"

- Anne T. 10/18/2012



Much thanks for recently selling my saddle and show clothes that I had been trying to sell for two years by myself!"

R. Holley Texas 10/8/2012


"Thanks so much Cori for your work in selling my saddle! Very quick sale, handled professionally and with timely communication. If I ever have another saddle to sell I know where I am going! And will recommend you to others. Thanks again!"

- Amy Z. Wisconsin 9/25/2012



Quote from my trainer: 'Getting that saddle was the best decision all year.' Thanks again for doing what you do! The Amerigo DJ we found on your site has truly improved my ride - and best of all it came already broken in and ready to go."

- JamieLynne W. Georgia 9/17/2012


"Hi Cori,

I am happy to report that the saddle is a perfect match! My horse, Fitz, and I both love it!
Didn't realize how much I was missing in my old saddle.
Will definitely recommend you and your site to friends at the barn. Easiest transaction, and incredibly fast shipping!
(Saddle arrived yesterday while I was out of town, didn't expect it until Monday or Tuesday!)
Thank you again for your services, and the sale of this great saddle.


- Katie L. Connecticut 9/16/2012



"Hi Cori,

I just wanted to let you know that the saddle fit wonderfully with me! I LOVE it! Thanks so much for the extended trial period, I'm definitely going to keep it! I appreciate how easy this was! So happy with my new saddle; thank you again!


- Dylan B. Texas 9/15/2012


I wanted to let you know my daughter LOVES the Antares #AN50C that you sent us. It fits great on her "stout" little pony as well as on both her narrow bodied and fuller bodied, high wither thoroughbred. It is maybe a tiny bit too big for her, but she is 10 years old and growing so fast, that doesn't bother me and she had no problems riding in it. She in fact says it feels "amazing"! We will be keeping the saddle as a purchase. It is in beautiful condition and should give her many years of enjoyment.

Thank you!"

- Yasemin P. Indiana 9/10/2012


"Cori McGraw,

Thank you for the time and effort you put into this purchase of ours. Yes, you may inform the seller that their saddle is sold to a very happy customer. We will be sure to recommend your services to others who might inquire. Thank you once again.


- Scott L. New York 8/14/2012



I received confirmation on the refund. I wish all saddle dealers were as punctual, professional and honest!
You will be recommended as I meet people looking for saddles.


- Denise R. New York


"Hi Cori:
I will leave a feedback. You could not have done better by us. Actually, the whole process was a lot easier with you than it would have been with a tackstore by us! Thanks again for all your help."

- Sandrine W. California


"Hi Cori:
I rode in the Butet this morning in my lesson and it was perfect! It's exactly what my mare and I needed. Both the tree and shape of the seat were great for her back. And the 13.5-inch flap was perfect for my legs. The saddle was in great condition for a 1997!!

Thanks again! I really enjoy buying saddles from you Cori, because they are always high quality and priced well.

Take care,"

- Jill M. Virginia


The saddle is PERFECT - thank you so much for getting it to me so quickly! It’s definitely a keeper so you can mark it as sold. Please extend a sincere thank you to the seller, who took fabulous care of this saddle and broke it in for me! And thank you for providing such a fantastic service.
Kindest regards,"

- JamieLynne W. Georgia


"Thank you so much for finding my saddle a new home. You have been a great broker!

A friend of mine sold her Devoucoux a while back on eBay and it broke my heart what she let it go for. What is lost selling without contacts is far more than your commission. I have told several friends about you and only hope they contact you."

- Pamela H. California


"I'm so excited that you sold my saddle so fast! If I ever have to sell a saddle again I will definitely go to you (and recommend you to others for both buying and selling). Thank you again."

- Julia R. Massachusetts


"Hi Cori,

Thank you so much for doing such a professional, efficient job of selling my saddle. I am SO happy that I decided to come to you with the task.


- Lauren F. Texas


"Thank you so much for your expertise in selling my saddle. The process was smooth and uncomplicated from start to finish. You are an excellent communicator, and very knowledgeable. I will highly recommend you to anyone in the market to buy or sell a high-end used English saddle."

- Susan H. Oklahoma



Thank you for selling my saddle so quickly."

- Danielle S. Florida


I received my saddle today and love it. Thank you so much for such prompt service and a quality product!"

- Sami M. Georgia


"Cori, Thank you very much for handling the sale of my Delgrange saddle. The entire process was handled quickly and professionally."

- Marcella M. Connecticut


"Cori, We both love the saddle. My horse goes much more relaxed in it, stretching down and jumping great. Thank you so much."

- Anne H. Maine



The Butet is beautiful and fits great. It’s definitely a keeper! So, you can change the status to “Sold” on your website and state that you have another very satisfied customer. Thanks so much for your help."

- Greg C. California



I rode in the saddle tonight and it is a good fit for both me and my horse so consider it sold! It is a very, very nice saddle and in great condition.
Thanks for your prompt, personal attention during this transaction. I will always highly recommend your company to others. Thanks again."

- Amy R. Wisconsin


"Thanks again for helping us find another perfect saddle! We love your service and expertise. :)"

- Debbie T. Minnesota


"I came across this website while searching for info on high end saddle brands. Even though I am over in Ireland so not realistically in a position to purchase from Cori she still gave her time and advice via email and has ultimately helped me in the selection of a new saddle. If there wasn't an Atlantic ocean between us suffice to say I would not look beyond this site for my purchasing!!"



"Selling my Luc Childeric saddle through High-End Used Saddles was a great experience. The level of communication and professionalism made the selling experience easy.Cori not only provided excellent customer service but was able to find a match for my saddle in just a few weeks. I would DEFINITELY sell another saddle through High-End Used Saddles and when I am ready to buy my next saddle, I will shop High-End Used Saddles first!"

- Aynsley F. Virginia



I will be more than happy to sing your praises. Again I really can't thank you enough for your speedy sale of our saddle!"

- Karin M. Rhode Island


"Hi Cori -

I just wanted to let you know the saddle arrived in great condition and fits the pony wonderful so I will be keeping it.

Thanks for all your help. Your website is awesome and your shipping is super fast. I will definitely recommend you to others."

- Kelsey B.


"Hi Cori,
I must say that it has been so pleasant dealing with you. The communication could not be better on your part. Thank you for making the sale of my saddle so smooth."

- Sonja S.


"Dear Cori,
Your have proven that everything complimentary and positive my fellow "barn" people told me about your business is true. You've made the ordeal of selling a saddle a simple, easy process for the seller. I'll continute to use your services in the future in both sell and purchase. Needless to say, I am happy to recommend you as well."

- Yvonne H.


"Dear Cori,

Thanks for your help with selling my saddle. It was worry-free and well worth your commission. The check arrived today, perfect timing."

- Kimberley C.


"Cori -
The bridle was at my home when I arrived tonight! Thanks so much, it's EXACTLY as described, and I couldn't be more happy with the entire experience. Even your packaging was beautiful! I'll be sure to keep an eye on your website (I have even bookmarked it!)
Thanks again for the fantastic service! I'm just thrilled I stumbled across your website! Anything you need to help get the word out in the WI area just let me know!
Thanks again,"

- Erin M.


"Greeting Cori, You are going to have to tell the other person who was interested in this saddle that it is no longer available!! I'm keeping it! Thank you so so much for all your help and one on one attention during this process. I will be purchasing more saddles from you in the future and recommending you to everyone I know. This will be the 2nd saddle purchased through you in our stable. You have a great business and are very good at what you do. I wish you all the best and thank you again."

- Sarah R.


"Cori, You are wonderful at what you do. thank you for all your help and I have been spreading the word here in NJ about my experience with you and the website.
Many thanks,"

- Lynne


"Ms. McGraw,

I absolutely love the saddle! I will be keeping it. Thank you so much for shipping it so quickly and providing such a beautiful product! I will recommend your website to all my friends!"

- Liz


"Thank you Cori for your great website and for making it so easy to find a nice used saddle at a competitive price. I recommend your site to everyone I know! Thanks again. I'll let you know if I have a saddle to sell in the future."

- Wendy


"Hi Cori,

I bought a CWD from you a little less than a year ago. I absolutely love that saddle so much! I truly can't thank you enough. I had such a pleasant purchasing experience, and you were even generous enough to send your own personal saddle cover because the saddle did not come with one. Every time I ride I am so grateful that I have a CWD. Without you, I probably would not have been able afford such a quality saddle. There really is nothing like riding in a calfskin, well made saddle. It has made my seat that much more secure, and in doing so, made me a more effective rider. I really can't say enough."

- Ari


"I am so pleased that site like yours exists, beyond what you see from the high manufacturers. While they are good,I find that good saddles usually come from riders like you!"

- Jennifer


"Hi Cori, Thank you so much for helping me out. Everything looks just as you said and your prices are unbelievably modest for quality saddles."

- Kat


"Cori, I'm bummed the jacket didn't work out, I was really hoping it would. I really appreciate how easy it is to do business with you. Thanks! And thanks so much for the prompt refund."

- Laura


"Hi Cori,

Just wanted to let you know that this saddle is PERFECT!! You won't be getting this one back! I got it for a student of mine to try and it sits her so well! Thanks so much! I am sure you will be sending more saddles my way in the future! :)"

- Kristen


"Hi Cori,

I just spoke to my daughter and her college trainer's love the saddle. My daughter also loves it and will be keeping it. I am grateful to have found the perfect saddle and will happily tell everyone about your company! The next time we need another saddle - your website will be the first place to look.

Thank you."

- Jody


"Cori, I visited a well known saddle store in Virginia yesterday to get an expert opinion concerning the saddle fit. Her exact words were, “Carol, this saddle looks like it was custom made for you. Do not hesitate one minute in purchasing this saddle.”

In that regard, this is confirmation that I want to purchase the saddle.

Thank you so much Cori. I am over the moon!"

- Carol


"Just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying the saddle, thank you very much for your time and everything else you have done. Will recommend you to anyone interested in getting a saddle!"

- Maddie


"I am amazed how easy, convenient and pleasant it was to conduct business with you. I will always recommend you first to anyone else I know who is in the market for a saddle."

- Angela


"I have heard nothing but good about your business. People at the barn where I board have had very good luck with purchasing saddles from you. The stories are you are honest and easy to work with: a pleasant thing to hear these days!"

- Tinita


"I really like your website - the pricing is very reasonable and the selection is gorgeous."

- Holly


"Hi Cori,

I just wanted you to know that I absolutely love the saddle and you can consider it sold! Thank you again for such a great saddle at a great price!"

- Maria


"Got the Butet really fast and it is nice. Thanks so much! Have a good one. I am sure i will shop again :)

Have a great weekend"

- Nicole


"Hello Cori,
I love the saddle & will be keeping it!! Thank you so much for your help. It is exactly as described on your website & I appreciate that very much.
Have a lovely evening & thanks again!

Best Regards,"

- Olivia


The saddle is a keeper! She showed in it this weekend and it looked and rode great. Will keep you at the top of my list when she needs another one!

- Traci


"I am a trainer and I ride approximately 5 hours a day and this is the most comfortable saddle I have ever sat in. Thanks!"

- Liz S.


"Hi Cori,
Just wanted to let you know that I took a couple of trial rides in the CWD and I LOVE it! Fits the horse wonderfully and I have never sat in one so comfortable. Consider this one sold!

Thanks again for your advice!


- Katie T.


"Please consider it "sold". The saddle is exactly as portrayed on your website (even nicer than the pictures). Thank you so much for your help and for establishing such a great company."

- Erin G.


"I just thought i'd let you know you run a great site! your prices and selection of saddles are much better and more reasonable than some of the other similar sites. Keep up the awesome work!"

- Maria D.


"Hi Cori, The Butet saddle arrived on Thursday. The condition of it is superb. My daughter had the chance to ride in it Friday, and compete in our barn's schooling show today. She absolutely loves it! The forward flap is great for her. Her position became better. All of the trainers think it is perfect for her. Plus, she has some room to grow. (Bonus for Mom!) This is a keeper. Thank you for making the transaction so easy, and for your fantastic follow up. Your name is quickly making its way around our barn. Thanks again!"

- LeAnne


"Hi Cori -

I received my saddle yesterday, and I love it! I am definitely going to keep it. Thank you so much for all of your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Your responses to all of my questions were extremely prompt, you kept me informed, and the saddle arrived only a few days after you sent it. I will be sure to recommend High-End Used Saddles to all of my co-workers and clients. Thank you again.


- Joanna


"Hi Cori,

Thank you so much for letting me take this saddle on trial. However, it is slightly too small for both my horse and myself. I will be shipping the saddle back to you via FedEx ground.

I just want to say how nice and easy your company made this to do. I will be sure to keep you in mind if I come across anyone who is in need of a saddle. Thank you once again."

- Laura K.


"Hi Cori,

We received the saddle today and it's perfect. Consider it sold! Thanks again for the amazing service and painless transaction. The saddle is in even better shape then described, I couldn't be happier! I've already started passing on your information to everyone I know looking for a saddle. Thanks!"

- Lauren


"Consider the Butet sold! My daughter loves it and rode in it all weekend. She finished fourth in the state medal finals so it was a pretty good debut weekend. It is absolutely perfect for her in every way, and I very much appreciate your consideration in giving us some extra time. We're now a two Butet family. Woo hoo!

It has been a true pleasure doing business with you, and I will sing your praises to anyone who is looking to sell or buy a saddle.


- Stephanie


"Hi Cori,

We just got home from the barn and all the trainers agreed that the saddle works well for both my daughter and her horse. The short flaps seem to really improve her leg position. It's definitely a keeper.

Thanks for the trial extension. I feel so much more sure knowing that her trainer has given her blessing."

- Chris


"I received the Butet Saddle Cover the other day and wanted to say that I am completely satisfied. It is in like new condition. I couldn't be more happy.



"Hi Cori,

I got a chance to jump in the saddle on Tuesday and love it! I'm
definitely keeping it. Thanks."

- Erika



I'm happy to report that the saddle is a keeper. It arrived on Monday,
she rode in it yesterday and it fits! Thank you so much for a nice easy
transaction. I'll be sure to pass your name on to other people at our
barn looking for saddles. We're still interested in stirrup leathers if you
get any in. Thanks so much!"

- Annette


"Thank you Cori!

I received the saddle on Thursday, rode in it yesterday and it's perfect. It is so nice to actually have a saddle that fits. Thank you so much for all of your help."

- Chelsea


"Cori, thank you very much for extending the trial period. I will keep the saddle! It is a perfect fit for my warmblood, and it also worked nicely on a large thoroughbred that I ride from time to time. On Saturday I jumped a little hunter course, and I felt as if I had been riding in the saddle for years. My wife will now happily take full possession of the first Butet that I bought from you. And once again, the descriptions on your website have proven to be accurate, precise and helpful.


- Bob


"Dear Cori,

I love my Tad Coffin saddle!!! It fits me perfectly. I can finally stop looking for what I thought was a impossible task, ie. finding a saddle that fit me and my horse. Thank you so much for providing the much needed service of offering quality saddles in a middle price range. I have already started to pass the word.

With much appreciation,"

- Sheila


"Hi Cori,

I just wanted to say thank you so much and.....this saddle is AMAZING! Not only is it a 110% perfect fit for my jumper, but it is like it was custom made for me! I am in love! Needless to say I do not need a 3 day trial. This saddle is sold!

Thank you so much!

Keep in touch!"

- Abbie


"Hi Cori -

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner - I've
decided to keep the saddle. It's wonderful! Thanks so
much for all your help - you've got a neat little
business going there!"



"Cori- I just wanted to thank you for all your help with the saddle. I think it is going to work out really well! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone at the barn who is saddle shopping. Thanks again!"



"Thanks so much! I'm referring a number of people to you, and I also assure you, when I am in need of another saddle I will only be coming to you. You are a marvelous help!!!"

- Caitlin


"Hi Cori,

I received the saddle on Saturday afternoon. Everything is great - just as I thought it would be!!

Thanks again!"

- Wendie


"Ms. McGraw,

Thanks for the extended time on the saddle. We have decided to keep the saddle.

Thanks again so much for letting us have more time. I will definitely recommend you to friends and will not hesititate to use you in the future.


- Margaret


"You have been absolutely wonderful to work with and I really appreciate all of your help!"

- Annie



We've finally found the right saddle for our daughter. She rode in it tonight in a lesson and it fits and rides so well. Thanks so much for your help."

- Debbie


"I really like it. This one is super comfortable and fits my horse well.
Thanks for your help, you are wonderful to work with."

- Rebecca


"Thank you for such a great saddle. I rode in the saddle Friday and loved it even more. I am very satisfied and happy with my purchase.
Thank you again, "

- Jennifer M.


I LOVE the SADDLE!!!! consider it sold. I left a message on your voice mail, but want to make sure you got the message so I also thought I would email you as well. My trainer also liked the saddle. She is a big fan of Tad Coffin. I will be passing your card around. You're great and thank you for making me feel confident about the size. It fits great! Thanks so much for all your help and also having such a great business."

- Renee


"My daughter LOVES it & her trainers do too. I really appreciate it & if anyone needs a saddle in the future, I will be sure to pass your site along.

It has been a pleasure working with you."

- Debbie


"SOLD!!!!!! My trainer wants to steal it- she loves the flaps- hard to
find a saddle this nice nowadays! Thanks so much for waiting until my
horse returned from sunny Florida to try the saddle.

I will tell everyone about your site. Keep the great stuff coming, and
thanks for the friendly phone call and emails. I am VERY happy!"

- Jill


"We love the saddle and want to keep it. Please let me know if there is anything else I need to do.

Thank you for all of your help. I have referred you to friends who are currently looking for saddles, and hope you’ll get more business!

Thank you again."



"Dear Cori,

Thanks so much for your time and expertise! You are very knowledgable and we have learned so much already. Please keep us on your contact list and we look forward to doing business with you in the future! You are very good at what you do."

- Kelly


"Hi Cori,

Sadly, I am returning the lovely Butet. Thanks for all your help.

You are a jewel to deal with!!!!!"

- Julie


"Hi Cori,

I love the saddle, so I am definitely going to keep it! It is going to be very hard to fall off in that thing.

My trainer has been yelling at me for years to fix my right leg and this saddle has seemed to magically fixed it!

It has been a pleasure working with you and I have told all my horsey friends never to buy a saddle from anyone else.

Thanks again,"

- Lily


"Hi Cori,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the saddle yesterday and it looks beautiful. I have ridden in it a few times now and I love it, so I am definitely going to keep it. The forward flap fits my leg so much better than the regular flaps do. Thank you so much for making the purchase so easy. I will definitely recommend you to other people looking for a high-end used saddle!


- Audra


"Hi Cori,

Just wanted to drop you a line to say that I love my saddle-it's perfect. Thanks so much for everything, I'll be sure to tell everyone I know that is looking for a quality used saddle to check out your website.

Thanks again,"

- Melissa