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"Pick My Brain" Offer

Have you been grappling with challenges in finding or selling a saddle?

We can offer guidance, even if you are planning to buy/sell your saddle elsewhere.

"Dear Cori: I quickly read your responses, and am so impressed by the depth and breadth of your knowledge. This is sooooo helpful. I will re-read, i'm sure, many times. Great value! Thanks." - Susan A.

"Cori, Thank you so much! This is incredibly helpful and definitely exceeded all my expectations in terms of how comprehensive and informative your responses are! You have an incredible amount of knowledge to share, and clearly have a passion for what you do. I definitely think you do not charge enough for this service." - Clare H.

"Cori, WOW! This is so helpful. You really gave me a lot of information. I am going to be much better informed about my choices now. Thank you so much. P.S. - I think you undercharge for the consultation.....it's worth way more." - Elizabeth H.

Cori & Enzo

By popular demand, we now bring you a "Pick My Brain" offer. These are consultation sessions regarding jumping saddles even for riders who aren't buying or consigning with us at the moment but still need our time and help. We have been overwhelmed with demand for this service that we created a special offer for it. We have had so many riders contact us to say they are looking at a saddle on eBay, or being sold by someone locally, or offered for sale in another country and they would like our help in evaluating its potential pros and cons for their needs, or perhaps they want advice on describing and pricing a saddle than they plan to sell on their own that now we offer a service to meet this need.

Whereas our normal customer service at no charge is for asking questions about our inventory, consultations are ideal for those who aren't looking to buy/sell through us at this moment but have a situation where they may benefit from expertise regarding jumping saddles. Consultations are ideal for the client who is seeking a little extra one-on-one personalized advice regarding saddles in terms of shaping their search or sale process, regardless of whenwhether, or where they plan to buy or sell a saddle.

If you have a situation that would benefit from the time and expertise, get advice directly from Cori McGraw, the saddle matchmaker

The "Pick My Brain" offer allows you a reserved block of time to address your questions at length without interruption from other clients.

Rate is $100 for addressing your situation via a 30 minute phone call by appointment, or by email for those who prefer to have our recommendations in writing to refer back to. (In an email consultation we can address approximately 5 questions and you will receive approximately a one page-length in-depth response in an email consult.) See below for more information on consultations. 

** Feel free to ask us for sample of a written consultation, so you can get a feel for the depth of analysis and response that a consultation provides ** 

One "Pick My Brain" session pays for itself if it saves you one round-trip shipping on a saddle trial that doesn't work, and might save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars if it helps streamline your saddle search or improve your sale process if you are selling elsewhere. 

In any situation in which you might need a little extra time and advice for any topic regarding jumping saddles, we are here to help via consultation. Please note that as we focus on the top brands, our familiarity will focus on the top French and comparable brands.


1) Click the 'Consultation' item towards the bottom of this page. Then click 'Add to Cart'. The charge is $100 for a consultation of responding to up to five questions in one email. (All questions must be contained in the same email.) You will receive approximately a page-length in-depth response.

2) Email us your questions in one email to info@HighEndUsedSaddles.com with the subject line "Pick My Brain Session." Please make sure that your questions are all in the same original email, as your session is for one response to the original email, not for responses to numerous questions distributed over multiple emails. (If you prefer to schedule your consultation by phone, let us know and we will arrange a consult at a time that works for your schedule.) Note that 48 hours is the typical time required to prepare a consultation response.

Please note that in these sessions, our only goal is to give you information that you can apply to your search anywhere; we do not direct you to our products during a consultation. Rather, the goal is to empower you with information that will help you meet your goals regardless of where you do business. (For help with our products, contact us at no charge as part of our usual customer service.)


  • Consultations are non-refundable. (In the case of phone appointments, no refunds for cancellations or no-shows where the buyer does not show for a scheduled phone appointment. If the buyer is late to the phone appointment, the missed portion of the call is forfeited, as we cannot push back the immediately following consultation appointment due to the previous appointment's call beginning late.)