What Mental Approach to Success in Riding is Helpful? Posted on 21 Sep 18:00

For many of us, our desire to continuously improve our riding leads us to spend countless hours and dollars in lessons, shows, clinics, and resources such as videos, magazines, articles, and books on riding techniques.

But how much thought do we really give to the mental attitude that we need for success in our sport (or in any sport, for that matter)? No doubt we give it some thought, but if you’re anything like me, you may tend to read 10 articles on technical tips about riding for every one (or fewer) that you read about the mental attitude required for success.

In order to better balance out that ratio, I wanted to share this wonderful article that I found from Smithsonian Magazine on the topic of “Why are Superachievers so Successful?” http://bit.ly/15MYwIQ

The article discusses some common ground that high-achievers in fields from sports to business have shared in terms of the mental approach to success. Take a look, and let me know what you think. I certainly found information in that article that I think I can use to better my riding. The tip I found most helpful was the importance of the ability to be self-questioning, or in other words, the ability to objectively assess whether you have a blind spot in a particular area.

What tips can you share on the mental approach to success, whether for riding specifically or life in general? I so often find that the lessons I learn in my riding carry over to everyday life as well.

- Cori McGraw