If George Morris Compares You to an Orchid, You're in Trouble Posted on 11 Oct 19:30

I was reflecting back on a George Morris clinic held at Karen Healey’s barn a few years back, in which he admonished us all not to be such hothouse flowers. The Urban Dictionary says of hothouse flower that “In regard to people it's used to describe someone who needs pampering or special conditions.” 

Hothouse Flower

George Morris went on to say that in order to not be hothouse flowers, we all need to get out of the ring more, that our education as riders was not complete enough if we limited our riding to just going around in an arena jumping things well. I thought this was fascinating, that someone known for maintaining stringent standards of excellence within this particular sport also was encouraging riders to branch out and try other things as a way to make them better riders and horsemen.

He said that you should never turn down an opportunity to ride. If it's in a different discipline, so much the better. If you get a chance to try polo, he wants you to do it. If you are offered the chance to breeze a racehorse, he wants you do it. If you are offered the opportunity to ride across the plains of Argentina, he wants you to do it.

My friend and client Melanie Roeder captures the spirit of what George was trying to tell us. Melanie has a background in doing the A Circuit hunter/jumpers, yet she also does out-of-the-box things. This summer she completed a riding trek through Mongolia, for example. The photos from her trip to Monogolia are breathtaking.

Mongolia HorsesPrzewalski horses in Khustai - a rare and endangered breed endemic to Mongolia

 Melanie can ride in her CWD and enjoy her love of hunter/jumpers and she can also ride in a Khazak saddle in Mongolia, camping out in the elements with the horses and experiencing a whole different brand of horsemanship.

 How will you apply George Morris’s advice? I've included a few photos from Melanie's trek to inspire you. Thank you, Melanie for inspiring me! 

 – Cori McGraw

Melanie and Indy"I will miss Indy and his awesome mullet!"

Mongolia Tree"The only tree we saw in the Altai."