The Adventures of Little Red Riding... Breeches? Posted on 12 Sep 19:00

Today I was musing on the latest trend in riding apparel that is making it's way over from Europe. (Apparently all interesting trends in the hunter/jumper world originate in Europe, or so we’re told.)

If trade show forecasts are to be believed, the latest up and coming trend is that bold primary color schooling breeches are the Next Big Thing. These bright red and cobalt blue breeches replace the traditional schooling breech palette of earth tones, navy, and eggplant.

Here’s a pair of red breeches that I’ve been eyeing. (Why they are labeled “leisure” breeches is beyond me, though I would surmise it is a loose translation of “schooling” breeches; but I think I’m not alone when I assert that schooling often has little to do with leisure! It has much more to do with elbow grease, I might venture to state. But that’s another blog entry for another day!)

The question is whether I can see myself being able to pull off this look in real life. The questionable part stems from the fact that my typical schooling look would best be described as…um, conservative. I typically school in tan Tailored Sportsmans and a retired show shirt. (If I really want to let loose, I might swap my tan Tailored Sportsmans for, oh I don’t know… mocha Tailored Sportsmans. I know, life on the edge, right?)

Back in my days in the corporate world, I found that dressing extra conservative was a big boost to my career that helped offset the fact that I was young and less experienced than my co-workers. I was then the 20-something who showed up to the office in a tweed suit with her hair in a bun. So I suppose I’ve translated the same conservative aesthetic into my riding, even now that I’m no longer a 20-something, LOL.

But I have to admit that all of a sudden I have this hankering to forget all that conservative stuff and dive into the pure fun of the Euro trends. Maybe one day soon I’ll throw caution to the wind and show up at the barn in bright red breeches. How about you? What do you think of the Euro trends?

- Cori McGraw